When you list hard copy tickets, the listing will expire 3 business days before the event. You can't reactivate the listing.

• "Paper tickets" isn't a delivery option when listing? This is because there's not enough shipping time.

To keep hard copy tickets on site longer, you may be able to list them as PDFs or use our Last Minute Services:

• Listing as PDF tickets: Choose PDF tickets in the listing process only if you can get a digital version of the hard copy ticket.

Contact the original ticket company. If you can get a PDF file, the hard copy ticket is no longer valid.
You're not allowed to scan or make your own ticket copy. The digital version must come from the original ticket company.

• You may be able to deliver your tickets to a Last Minute Services (LMS) centre. This keeps them on StubHub until the event starts.

1. Go to My tickets > Listings 

If LMS is available, you'll see Ticket drop-off avaialble under the listing details

2. Click the link and then Request it
3. Follow the steps to list using Last Minute Services