Review the possible statuses to track your order

You won't see your purchase until it's confirmed (it can take up to 1 hour). Check your order's delivery status at any time via My account > Purchases. 


Purchases: Your order is confirmed and waiting to be delivered. It should be delivered to the address you provided within the established timeframe. Use the shipment's tracking info via 'View details' to follow the delivery.

Important: If local address is requested, the seller isn't able to send your tickets until you provide an address in the city where the event is taking place.

In transit: Your tickets are in transit to your address. Use the shipment's tracking info to see the ticket's location.

Pickup: Our representative will contact you to deliver your tickets

LMS pick up: Go to My account > Purchases for LMS pick up details. Your tickets will be available on the date and time specified.

Delivered: Your order was delivered to the address you provided at checkout