Listings expire depending on the event and how you said you'd deliver them. In general:

• UPS Worldwide Saver delivery: Expire 4 business days before the event
• Royal Mail: Expire 2 days before the event. If Last Minute Services is available, you can request LMS and we'll send you steps.
• PDF and mobile tickets (listed as Electronic delivery): Expire 1 day before the event. If you have the PDF file, you can relist them and upload the tickets.
• PDF tickets and mobile tickets (listed as Instant download): Expire when the event starts
• Instant download tickets (through entering barcodes):
Expire between 6 hours before the event to event start time 

To see when your active listings expire

• On a desktop

1. Go to My tickets > Listings
2. Find the listing. Sale ends on... is when your listing expires.

On the app

1. Tap Sell and Active listings
2. Sale end date is when your listing expires

See your expired listings under My tickets > ListingsClick the Expired tab.