If you list hard copy tickets (paper, season cards, wristband or other type) on StubHub and they sell, you'll ship them through UPS or Fedex with a prepaid shipping label.


How to download the label?

  1. Go to My tickets > Sales 
  2. Under the sale, click Print shipping label to view and print

Once your delivery label is printed, place the tickets and the cover sheet that’s printed with the label into a plain A4 envelope (or a UPS envelope). Attach the delivery label clearly to the outside of the envelope.  

How to deliver the package to UPS?

There are two options: 
1) Drop the tickets off at a UPS store. Your tickets may be delayed if you use a drop box.
2) Schedule a UPS pickup:
  1. Visit the UPS collection page. Click Yes when asked if you have a pre-printed UPS delivery label.
  2. In the black box, enter the 18-character reference number on your UPS label beginning with 1Z336. You won't be charged for the collection.
  3. Leave UPS Account Number blank and enter your collection address. We recommend using your work address.
  4. Enter the total package weight (0.5 kg)
  5. Select the delivery method on the delivery label (UPS standard)
  6. Choose the collection date and time (minimum timeframe must be 7 hours, Monday-Friday). Then enter a collection reference.
  7. Include any necessary steps for the UPS driver to get the tickets

How to deliver the package to Fedex?

If you want to send your tickets from an Asian market, please contact us.  

I already ship the tickets. Where is my sale?

Once the customer has received the order, the sale will be delivered. To find it:

  1. Access your Account, go to My Tickets > Sales > click the Completed tab
  2. Click the link to the tracking number in the Delivery Status section to track the package. It can take up to 24 hours for the tracking information to update.