If you listed tickets on StubHub and don't see them in your active listings: 

  1. Go to My tickets > Listings > Expired. Listings expire depending on the event and delivery method.

    Ticket typeExpiration time
    PDF and mobile tickets 
    (listed as Instant download)
    When the event starts
    PDF and mobile tickets 
    (listed as Electronic delivery)
    1 day before the event. If you have the PDF file, you can relist them and upload the tickets.
    Instant download tickets 
    (entering barcodes)
    6 hours before the event or when the event starts
    UPS Worldwide Saver delivery4 business days before the event. 
    Royal Mail
    2 days before the event. If Last Minute Services is available, you can request LMS and we'll send you steps.
    Last Minute Services (LMS) pickup
    When the event starts

  2. Check My tickets > Sales (look at the Open and Completed tabs) to see if your tickets sold 
  3. Clear your browser's cache and cookies
  4. Use Google Chrome for a faster site
  5. Wait a few minutes. If you just listed tickets, they should appear on the site soon.
  6. Make sure you signed in with the right account. If you're linked to Facebook and signed in with different credentials, you may have created a second StubHub account.