Here you can find some Questions & Answers related to the next Matchroom Boxing O2.

When will I receive my tickets for Matchroom Boxing O2? 

Your tickets will be delivered to you no later than 3 days prior to the event via the AXS mobile app. 

How do I receive my tickets for Matchroom Boxing O2?

We'll send you the links of the tickets by email. You will need to download the AXS app (in your mobile phone) in order to get the tickets and present at the gate of the venue the day of the event.

Very important! You must setup your AXS account under the same name and email address you used to purchase the tickets.

What can I do if I setup my AXS with the wrong information?

Please contact us through the Contact Form so that we can help you.

Can I see my Matchroom Boxing O2 tickets from the StubHub app or My Account profile?

No. You can't see the tickets in your StubHub app or from My Account in our websites. You will only can see the tickets from your AXS app.

Can I cancel my order for Matchroom Boxing O2?

All ticket purchases are final. We don’t offer the possibility to cancel or exchange your tickets. If you can't attend, you are more than welcome to sell them on StubHub.

What are the COVID policies of the O2 venue?

Here you can find some measures to reassure and protect during your visit in the O2 venue. Also, you can find their recommendations clicking here