Did you sell tickets for one of the NFL London matches? Like:

If so, we recommend you to read this article to know more about what is needed from your side. 

How can I transfer my mobile tickets to the buyer? 

Once your sale has been confirmed, you can see the buyer information in your profile (go to Sales, Open tab, find the sale). You will need the name, surname, email address. 


  1. Go to your original ticket company account (Ticketmaster) and select the tickets you sold
  2. Transfer the tickets through the original ticket company account. Find the Sale info section in the email we sent when the tickets sold. Transfer the tickets using these details. 
  3. On StubHub, go to My tickets > Sales and find your sale. Do you see a Confirm transfer button?
    • Yes: Click Confirm transfer to tell us you transferred the tickets
    • No: You're all set! We'll automatically confirm your order within 30 minutes of transferring the tickets.

What will happen if the tickets are not transferred on time? 

Should the tickets are not transferred and we are not informed of any issues during the process, may lead to a delay in your payment.