Listing piggy back seats on StubHub requires at least 4 tickets, with the same number of tickets in each row, directly behind / in front of one another. For example, you can list piggy back tickets if you have 2 tickets in row A, seats 1 and 2, and 2 tickets in row B, seats 1 and 2.

If you're listing NFL tickets, you can't list piggy back seats. You can list each row separately.

  1. Click Sell from the homepage (then tell us what you’re selling) or from an event page
  2. Sign in or create a StubHub account
  3. Under We have pre-selected below the most commonly selected preferences. Please take a look and make changes if needed, click Edit these preferences
  4. Under How would you like to sell your tickets? choose Sell all my tickets together
  5. Under Consecutive rows (piggy back seats) choose The seats are in consecutive rows
  6. Include other features, comments, or disclosures if they apply
  7. Fill in your ticket details under Where are your seats?
  8. Continue listing