Have you sold multi-days tickets for a festival, F1, moto or other competition? If so, here we will explain you how to manage the delivery of your sale. 

I have paper tickets

If the tickets you have sold are in physical format and, in case you also have the wristbands in your possession... Perfect!! Let's take advantage of the shipment to make it arrive at the same time :) 

  1. Go you your profile by clicking on My Tickets > Sales
  2. In the Sale section, click on Opens and find the transaction. Then, click in Print label.
  3. Print the label
  4. Put the tickets and wristbands in a plain A4 envelope (or one from UPS), and paste the delivery label to the outside of the envelope
  5. Contact the courier to coordinatethe collection at the address, day and time you want. Or, if you prefer, deliver it directly to an Access Point store.

I have e-tickets

If, on the other hand, your tickets are in PDF format... Depends on the venue or event, it's possible thay the guest will need 1 ticket per day instead of 1 ticket for the full event. Below we will explain you the steps to send in both cases:

Several tickets per attendee

For some weekend pass events, for example 3 days, the Organizer issues 3 tickets per attendee. One per day. Which means the attendee will have a total of 3 tickets. 

Unfortunately you won't be able to upload the whole PDF file in our platform. Instead of it, please complete our contact form and attach the file with all the tickets. 

Unique ticket per attendee

In case the multi-day pass is 1 ticket for attendee for the whole event, you will be able to upload the PDF file from your StubHub International account. 

You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Login into your profile
  2. Go to "Sales" and "Open" tab
  3. Under the transaction, tap on "Upload tickets"
  4. Select the tickets and click on "Save"
  5. Your sale status will change to Delivered 

After the event has taken place, you can expect to receive their payment within 5 to 8 business days. This timeframe allows us to ensure that the tickets sold were valid and that your buyer was able to attend the event with them. 


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