We are happy to announce this new feature in our StubHub International platform! 

Currently, as an user you are able to login into our website through:

  • Apple ID (if you have an Apple device)
  • Facebook (in case you want to use the same credentials you are using to login into your Facebook's account)

From now, you can connect with your Google ID (if you have an Android device or you are trying to connect with a computer)

In case you don't have an StubHub account and you want to create a profile, you will be able to registered and/or login by using your Google ID credentials by clicking in the "G" icon. 

Then, a new window will be opened and you will need to Select an account to go to StubHub International

After that, you will need to confirm the information provided in the previous step. If all is ok, please click on Connect. If there is something wrong, please correct it and click on Connect