Payment timeline

After the event has taken place, you can expect to receive their payment within 5 to 8 business days. This timeframe allows us to ensure that the tickets sold were valid and that your buyer was able to attend the event with them. We prioritize the security and satisfaction of both buyers and sellers, and this verification process helps us maintain the integrity of our platform.

Payment methods

StubHub offers two convenient payment methods for sellers to receive their funds: direct deposit and PayPal. Bear in mind that the payment will be made in the same currency used to list the tickets. Therefore, you must ensure that you have a registered payment method in the same currency.

How to add a payment method

Go to Payments and in Payout methods, choose the currency and the payment method.

  • Paypal: introduce the same email registered in your Paypal. Make sure that your account accepts the currency you chose.
  • Direct deposit: first introduce the same address registered in your bank account, and then provide your account details. Note that depending on the currency, your bank must be located in certain countries.

The payment method changes will be applied only to existing and new listings.

How to introduce a sort code for receiving payments in UK

If you are selling tickets for an UK event, you will be required to enter a Branching Sort Code. It's a unique code consisting of 6 digits that identifies a specific bank and branch.

To ensure that the system accepts the Sort Code it should only introduce numbers. Please do not include any hyphens (-), spaces, or special characters. All numbers of the Sort Code should be entered consecutively without any breaks.

Following an example:

  • Sort Code: 88-77-66
  • How to include in our platform:  887766

How to change the payment method of an existing sale

If the payment is not in progress, you can reach out to us and request the change. 

How to see my payment status or method linked to my sale

Go to Payments, Payment History and select the currency. You'll see a list of all sales with the the corresponding payment status, the payment method associated and the event details. 

Payment status

  • Pending: when your sale is not delivered yet.
  • Processing: when your sale is delivered. The payment will be completed after the event takes place.
  • Paid: the payment has already been made by StubHub International.
  • Cancelled: when your sale is cancelled. 

Payment method linked

Look for your sale to see if you'll be paid either by Paypal or through Direct Deposit. You can also check the details for the payment method you chose. 

  • Paypal: you'll see the email address provided.
  • Direct Deposit: you'll see your name, bank and the last four numbers of your account

Note that if you see either Paypal or Direct Deposit without the information mentioned above, it means that you didn't provide your payment details before the sale was confirmed. Therefore, you'll need to reach out to us to introduce manually your payment information.

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