You can modify your listing by following the steps bellow:

  1. Login into your StubHub profile 
  2. Go to the 'Listings' section
  3. Go to the 'Active' tab
  4. Search the listing you wish to update
  5. Click on 'Edit listing'

How to edit my listing?

You will be able to: 

  • Change the ticket type
  • Change the date you can ship: The date on which you expect to have the tickets in your possession will appear here. Next to 'You'll have the tickets by'
  • Change the location and add a new seat: Remember it is important to check the event map from StubHub, to ensure you enter the correct location. You can do it from 'Seat details'
  • Change the 'Ticket Face Value'
  • Change the amount to receive. You can modify this number as many times as you want. Just bear in mind that it's for each ticket. 
  • Add 'Features & Comments'. Restrictions. This is optional. But in case your tickets has any important information, we recommend you to include here.
  • Add 'Limitations'. In case the location of your tickets have some limited vision for example.
  • Upload e-tickets. File size cannot be larger than 5 MB. To include the tickets in the listing, just follow these steps.

If you want to use the tickets, sell them elsewhere, or give them away, delete the listing.

Once a buyer buys tickets from that listing you will longer be able to modify the listing. If any or all of tickets remain unsold, the modifications will take effect upon these tickets. As such, changes will not be reflected in any of the tickets that have already been sold

How to duplicate a listing?

Duplicating a listing may be useful for selling other tickets for the same event without starting from the beginning. 

If you want to clone a new one, just click on the '+' icon and modify the details.