To check your listing(s), access your profile and you will find them in the 'Listings' section. 

There are some important topics you may know. 

What are the different listing status?

Review the possible statuses to track your listing: 

  • Active: The listing is confirmed. In this section you can see your listing(s) available in our website.
    • Want to change the listing details? If so, read this article to know the different options and how to update. 
  • Deactivated: The listing and its info is hidden to everyone but you in your StubHub account.
  • Expired: The listing is automatically deactivated because it didn't sell. You can't reactivate this listing or relist tickets if the delivery deadline has passed. Next to the listing appears "Sale ends on {date}" which indicates the expiration date of the listing.

Want to use the tickets? 

If you want to use the tickets, sell them elsewhere, or give them away, delete the listing

How to change the status of my listing?

You can only change between the following states:

  • Active to deleted
  • Active to deactivated
  • Deactivated to active
  • Deactivated to deleted

But, how to do that? Keep reading and we will explain it to you ;)

How to deactivate a listing? 

  1. On the 'Listings' section
  2. Go to 'Active' tab and search the listing
  3. Tap on 'See actions', 'Deactivate' 
  4. At latest, click on 'Yes, deactivate it'

If you change your mind, you can reactivate it later. Also if you finally want to delete it. 

How to re-activate a listing?

  1. From the 'Deactivated' tab
  2. Search the listing you want to reactivate
  3. Click on 'See actions' and then 'Activate'
  4. Confirm and click 'Yes, activate it'

How to delete a listing?

You can do it any time before the tickets sell. You can't undo this action. If you are sure you want to remove from StubHub, just tap on 'Delete'.

How to unblock the listing?

We block certain event listings for security reasons until we verify the seller has the tickets in question.

To unblock your listing, contact us with the listing number from the blocked listing and attach a photo of the tickets you want list. Our team will assist you. 

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