Mobile tickets eliminate the need for physical tickets by storing them on your phone, which serves as your entry pass to the event. 


What are the different mobile tickets?

At StubHub, three types of mobile tickets are available: 

  1. Screenshot: Your seller uploads a QR code containing all ticket details. Despite resembling an image or PDF, do not print the QR code. Instead, keep it accessible on your phone. To enter the event, open the file on your phone and present the QR code for scanning at the gate, validating your ticket and granting access.
  2. External Mobile Transfer: Tickets are transferred to your StubHub-registered email through an external app. Following transfer, you'll receive an email from the original provider, not StubHub, prompting you to accept the transfer and providing instructions to download the app where you can receive and display your tickets. These tickets are not accessible through the StubHub website or app.
  3. URL Links: Your seller sends ticket link(s) through the StubHub platform. This link may encompass all seats or be separate per seat. Upon opening the link(s), download the ticket file(s) which must then be added to a compatible mobile wallet app (e.g., Apple Wallet for iOS, Google Pay for Android) for quick access at the event.

How to know which delivery method corresponds to my order?

When selecting a listing on the event page, you should see information on how tickets will be delivered. After purchase, check your confirmation email or visit "Orders" on StubHub to view details. If tickets are delivered via QR code, you'll see "Mobile ticket" with delivery instructions. For external transfer or URL link methods, it will indicate "Mobile transfer" with corresponding instructions.

How to differentiate between External Mobile Transfer and a URL link?

Certain venues, such as Real Madrid, deliver tickets via URL link. You'll receive an email from StubHub confirming ticket delivery. For most venues, tickets are transferred through an external app, detailed in the email instructions from the original provider.

How to know which external app will be used for ticket transfer?

Event organizers may use their app or partner with other platforms. Specific app details vary and are subject to change. Upon receiving a transfer request email, follow the provided instructions to download the app and retrieve your ticket.

Can't find the email from the third party? Read this article to know more. 

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