Mobile tickets eliminate the need for physical tickets, as your phone stores your tickets and becomes your entry pass to the event. At StubHub, there are three types of mobile tickets:

QR Code

Your seller will upload a QR code that contains all the necessary ticket information. Although the file may look like an image or a PDF, you should not print the QR code but rather keep it accessible on your phone. When it's time to enter the event, simply open the file using your phone and present the QR code to be scanned at the gate. The ticket will be validated, granting you access to the event.

External Mobile Transfer

In this method, your seller will transfer the tickets to the same email registered in your StubHub account through an external app. When the transfer is made, you will receive an email from the original provider (not StubHub) asking you to accept the ticket transfer. Double-check your SPAM folder. This email will also include the instructions to download the external app where you’ll receive and display your tickets. It's important to note that these transferred tickets will not be available through the StubHub website or app.

Your seller will send you the ticket link(s) through the StubHub website or app. It may be a single link with all the seats included or one link per seat. After receiving and opening the link(s), it will initiate the download of the ticket file(s). Once downloaded, the ticket file(s) need to be added to a compatible mobile wallet app. Wallet apps vary based on the operating system of your phone, such as Apple Wallet for iOS or Google Pay for Android. By adding the downloaded ticket file(s) to your mobile wallet, you will have quick and easy access to your tickets when attending the event.

How to know which delivery method corresponds to my order

On the event page, when choosing a listing, you should be able to see how you’ll receive the tickets. If you already bought tickets, you could also find this information in the confirmation email or by going to My Orders, looking for your order, and clicking on “View details”. If the delivery method is QR code, you’ll see “Mobile ticket” on the right-hand side of your page, and a quick explanation about the delivery instructions. If it’s an external transfer or URL link, you’ll see “Mobile transfer” instead and a quick explanation as well.

For a few football teams, such as Real Madrid, the tickets will be delivered through a URL link. When your seller shares the link(s), you’ll receive an email from StubHub (not the original provider) saying that your tickets have been shipped. However, for most venues, you'll likely receive your tickets through an external app.

How to know through which external app the tickets will be transferred

Event organizers may have their app or may partner with other platforms. As this information constantly evolves, we cannot assert the specific external app for each venue. However, the process for all of them is pretty much the same. You’ll receive a request transfer by email followed by the instructions to download the app and get your ticket.

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