The In Hand Date (IHD) is the date you'll have the tickets in person (or in hand). It means if they sell, you're ready to deliver them to the buyer. You can deliver tickets before this date.

In this article, we will explain you the steps to update this date on your

New In Hand Date on a listing

You can change any time before the tickets sell.

  • Change an In Hand Date on a desktop
    1. Go to My tickets Listings
    2. Click Edit listing
    3. Under You'll have the tickets by, click on Change date to open the calendar and choose a new day
    4. Click Save
  • Change an In Hand Date on the StubHub app
    1. Tap Sell > Active listings
    2. Tap Tickets in hand
    3. Choose the new date in the calendar
    4. Tap Done

New In Hand Date on a sale

Unfortunately it's not possible to change the date from your profile. Because the feature "Make changes" is broken and our engineers are working to fix it as soon as possible.


In the meantime, if you are sure you cannot deliver on time, please send us email (choosing My Sale > Other reasons) to report the new date. Our Support team will review with your buyer and then, will contact you to confirm the resolution. 

IMPORTANT: The buyer has 24 hours to approve the change.If they don't, we'll charge your credit card according to our seller policies.

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