In 2021 when StubHub was purchased by Viagogo, the business had to undergo a regulatory separation where by StubHub’s North America and its international businesses separated. As a result, two separate and distinct businesses now exist: StubHub North America and StubHub International.


Which websites belong to StubHub International?

You are browsing a page of our international business. The StubHub International business is made up of 20 websites. 

What about StubHub North America?

It is the part of the business from which we have separated. Are composed of 2 websites: and

How should I manage my orders, sales and listings for events taking place in and/or website? 

If you bought or sold your tickets through or and require support relating to these your orders and listings, you will need to contact the US Customer Service team or you can refer to their Help Center. It is not that we do not want to assist you, but we simply do not have access to any information related to orders or users on their platform.

Can't find the order in your profile?

Please, double check the order confirmation email you received to confirm the platform where you bought the tickets. 

  • If it's StubHub International, we can assist you. 
  • If it's StubHub North America, please contact with them. Remember that we are different businesses and we can't assist with this.

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