If you have tickets for a event that you can no longer attend, StubHub International helps you to find a buyer. Creating an account and publishing a listing on our platform is free and easy.


Signing up on StubHub International

To sell your tickets on our platform, you first need to create an account. 

  1. Open the StubHub app

  2. Go to Profile

  3. At the bottom of the page, tap on Create an account

  4. Enter your email address, phone number (optional) and a password. Or tap on Connect with Facebook, Google or Apple to use your Facebook, Google or Apple info.

  1. Tap on Continue

Listing tickets for an event

  1. Tap Sell and write the event in the search bar. Select the event (make sure you choose the correct date and city).
  2. Complete 3 steps to provide ticket information and set a ticket price. 
    • STEP 1 DELIVERY. Tell us what type of tickets you are selling and how and when you are going to deliver them. Do you already have the tickets? If not, choose an estimated delivery date when you think you'll have them and can ship.
    • STEP 2 INFORMATIONGive us more information about your tickets, such as the number and location of the seats.
    • STEP 3 PRICES. Set a ticket price to see how much you'll charge (if tickets are sold) 

  3. At last, click on List tickets.

You’ll get a confirmation email when your tickets are listed. You can find your listing by going to Sell. In this section, you will be able to access to your Active listings, Pending listings, Deactivated listings or Expired listings. And, if your tickets sell, you can deliver them through the section Sales.

You can edit, deactivate or delete your listing at any moment, unless your tickets have been sold, at which point you'll need to deliver them to fulfill your sale.