There could be a few reasons you might be having trouble.

First of all, we want to know what type of user you are. 

I have a password 

In case you created an account on StubHub International using your personal email address and choosing a password... We recommend you to: 

  1. Check your email address is spelled correctly and you're using the right email/password combination. Be careful with your attempts to log in, your StubHub International account will lock after six failed attempts.
  2. Have you forgotten the password? You can request for a new one at the login screen selecting Forgot my password?. Then enter the email address associated with your StubHub International account and follow the instructions in your email to change your password.

I have an 'access code'

In case you bought tickets before December 2021, you may have an 'access code' to access your order an manage it. You can find the code with a 6-digit in the order confirmation email we sent you once the purchase has been confirmed. 


You got it? If so, in the Login page, click on Find your order

In the next window, enter your email address, the access code, and your phone number and tap on Continue or View order

  • Make sure that the telephone prefix or the tray next to the country code corresponds to the telephone you have registered.

If you don't find the email or the code, please contact us so one of our experts can assist you.


Signing up for StubHub International with Facebook is quicker. You can use your Facebook credentials to login into our platform.  



If you created your account using your Google (gmail…), you will be able to login into your StubHub International profile by tapping on the ‘G’ icon and follow the steps. 



Signing up for StubHub International with your Apple ID is quicker. You can use your Apple credentials to login into our platform, but it's important to provide a real email address. Instead of the alias email created by Apple.  


If you still cannot access your account, contact us

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