Have we notified you that your order has been delivered or have you seen the updated status in your profile, but you can't find the package? If so, here we want to explain you more about the hard ticket delivery.

Your tickets have been shipped to the address you have registered in your StubHub account. Don't remember which one it is? Login to your profile and verify that the address is correct. 

Notice that some couriers may leave the envelope in the mailbox, with the concierge, or a neighbor. And do not require a signature to confirm delivery.

If you still can't find it, contact the courier for more information. 

Once the seller hands over the envelope to the courier, they will update your order with the name and tracking number associated with the package. This way, you can track the shipment on the chosen courier's website. You will also find these details in your profile, next to your order and/or by clicking on View details.

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