If you already sold the tickets, you won't be able to change the delivery method on your own. The quickest channel to request a delivery method change is through our form. Most of the requests are processed automatically in a few seconds.

This is how to use the form:

  • Introduce your email account in StubHub International. Double-check this information or your request won't be validated
  • Introduce up to 10 sales at once separating each one by commas. If you introduce more than 1 sale, you'll have the option to either apply the answers below to all sales or answer one by one
  • Indicate if you're ready to deliver the ticket(s)
  • Select the new delivery method for the sale(s). Have questions about which one to choose? Check here
    • PDF and Mobile Screenshot: if you're ready to deliver the ticket, we'll give you the option to upload the files
    • URL: if you're ready to deliver the ticket, we'll give you the option to introduce the links in the form
    • External Mobile Transfer: you should specify which platform will be used for the transfer. You can either choose one of the options or introduce the name by yourself. Do not add any comments, or you may confuse your buyer with incorrect information
  • If your request is approved, we'll automatically share with your buyer the information you provided, including the new delivery method, platform, files, and/or screenshots. 
    • External Mobile Transfer: we'll also provide you with the necessary information to transfer the ticket(s)
  • Unless you made a mistake, please do not fill out the form again for the same sale. You may confuse your buyer with different information
  • We recommend you wait for at least one hour after the sale before submitting your request. If waiting isn't feasible, note that manual review will occur during our business hours

Are you not sure about which delivery method you need to choose?

Check this article about the different delivery methods available on our website.

Do you want to change the delivery method of unsold listings?

We explain here how you can do it on your own.